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What is a Public Adjuster?

A Public Adjuster is a qualified licensed insurance specialist who represents you in dealing with the insurance company. A Public Adjuster will assist you in preparing, filing, evaluating and adjusting your insurance claims.

Why do I need to hire a Public Adjuster?

You need to hire Nationland Adjusting Company because we are truly looking out for your interests. Keep in mind that the adjuster for your insurance company has his company’s interests in mind. TYPICALLY WE INCREASE YOUR CLAIM BY 25 TO 35%, However Nationland Adjusting Company has secured a 50 - 100% increase in payout on claims they have worked on. The insurance company hires a professional, so should you?

What qualifications should a Public Adjuster have?

They should be licensed and bonded and possess a vast knowledge of insurance policies, co-insurance, depreciation, building and personal property damage assessments, repair and replacement costs and negotiations.

What types of losses does a Public Adjuster handle?

Fire, Fire Exposures, Pipe Break, Water, Burglary, Vandalism, Vehicular Building Damage, Building Collapse, Explosion, Natural Disaster this includes loss to Buildings, Contents, loss Rental, Living Expense and Business Interruption.

Will retaining a Public Adjuster result in any delay in settling my claim?

On the contrary, a Public Adjuster will serve to expedite your claim. Our team will work closely with you and properly prepare and file your claim to prove the extent of your loss as required under the policy of insurance. The more thoroughly and completely your claim is compiled, documented and prepared, the quicker you can obtain a favorable settlement.

How much will the services of a Public Adjuster cost?

The fee is typically based on a small percentage of the claim settlement. By maximizing your settlement, the services of your Public Adjuster are generally offset by their ability to obtain a better settlement than you would be able to obtain on your own.

When should I hire a Public Adjusters?

We strongly recommend that you call before you call your claim into your insurance company or agent to insure proper reporting. Doing so ensures that you will get the professional help you need immediately. However, you can enlist our services at any time (before you place your claim, during your claim negotiations, and even after your claim has been closed). Basically, it`s never too late.

Am I entitled to a second opinion, if my claim was denied?

Yes! We have many clients that were told their valid claim was denied. We simply re-open the loss, negotiate with your insurance company, and secure payment.

What will the insurance company do after receiving my Nationland Adjusting Company estimated loss?

The insurance company has 2 options:

1.    Agree with the report and pay the difference, or

2.    Disagree with the Nationland Adjusting Company total and negotiate a new amount. Somewhere in-between what they originally settled with you and the new estimated loss calculated by Nationland Adjusting Company.

If I need help, can I speak to a live person?

Yes, just call us toll free at (888) 685-6776

Who uses the services of Public Adjusters?

Public Adjusters are utilized by individuals and all types of businesses and professions, including banks, accountants, attorneys, and even insurance adjusters and agents on their own losses. Once a person has experienced the benefits of our services, they will rarely attempt to settle a claim without our assistance.

Will I be canceled if I hire a Public Adjuster?

No. The public adjusting profession is mandated by the Legislature and regulated by the Department of Insurance. It would be a serious violation if any Insurance Company would discriminate against you in any way for exercising a right given to you by the State Legislature.

Can I do it myself?

Filing insurance claims can range from simple to complex. A minor claim is one thing however a devastating loss to your home or business is incredibly complex and requires professional expertise. A Public Adjuster can help you through this difficult time by handling the burden as well as maximizing your settlement offer.

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