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There Are Three Sides to Appraising Property Damage:
The insurance company side that yields the lowest payment possible.
Your side-- where you know you deserves more.
The truth.

We call the truth “our side.”
We know you deserve more, too. Our adjuster’s will step in to fight on your behalf and maximize your insurance settlement. Often, property owners are not even aware that they are entitled to support from a public adjuster. We do all the work for you and it costs you nothing. You don’t have to feel alone with your damage. We have built our Company around helping people just like you!

Property owners
and insurance adjusters more often than not end up with conflicting opinions on what specific property damage is worth. You, the property owner, likely have a general idea of what you should be awarded given the extent of the damage you have suffered. This is usually a combination of type of damage (fire, flood,) and square footage of area affected.

An insurance adjuster
is acting on behalf of the insurance company and represents the company’s best interest (and not yours.) Problems arise and disputes happen as a result. What’s even worse? Most property owners are unaware that they are entitled to another opinion, another estimate, and an advocate with years of experience and know-how that will fight for them.

You wouldn't go to court without a lawyer.
In the same context, you shouldn't have to deal with your insurance company/property damage without a public adjuster. Our adjusters have years of experience of interpreting contracts and the “gray area” that exists. Furthermore, they work on a contingency basis. In a nutshell, that means that if they are unable to get you an increased adjustment check (or a check at all) from your insurance company, we do not get anything at all. So it is absolutely no risk to you.

If the adjuster is successful
in their efforts and you are awarded a check or adjusted claim check, we are paid off a very small percentage of that check. This means nothing is out of pocket. That also means that it is a win-win situation—it is in your best interest and ours for us to maximize your insurance claim .It also means you can rest assured that you are getting the absolute highest amount possible for your property and damage type from your insurance company.

Nationland Adjusting will
aim to please you and stop at nothing to get you the well-deserved claim check. We are here to alleviate the stress of an already stressful situation. Leave it to us. We have hundreds of happy customers and are always happy to provide references.

Loss Of Business Income

Loss of business income is considered a defined period of time when the normal flow of income is interrupted for any reason. Loss of business income can be detrimental to the business because during this time period, in a business does not have reserve funds, employees cannot get paid, bills will be neglected and the business can fall apart. In order to ensure that a business is covered in the case of such an emergency, it is important for business owners to seek out loss of business income insurance.

This can come as a result of many situations such as natural disasters, flood, fire, repairs being made to the building which houses the business, or any other situation in which a business is temporarily out of operation. Loss of business income insurance is essential in order to assure the policyholder that in such a case where their business is not operating normally, their loss of income is covered. Often, policyholders and insurance companies are in conflict over the length of time that the business interruption is covered for. Most policies state that the business interruption period ends when the physical damage to the property is repaired and returned to normal operation as it was before the disaster. Realistically, it takes some time for a business to recuperate time lost and income that was not generated. For this reason, most policies include an “extended period of liability” so that the business owner has a longer period of time to return to normal working conditions. Though the length of time that these policies extend for can vary, the standard among policy issuers has become one year or less.

It is an unfortunate situation when a disaster strikes, but the hope is that a business owner can quickly make the repairs necessary to their business in order to seamlessly return to normal operation conditions. Unfortunately, most of the time, delays occur which prevent the business from recovering as easily as one would hope. These delays are sometimes the fault of the business owner, such as if there is a total loss and the business owner decides not to repair the property damage. Other times, delays in repairs occur in situations that are out of the control of the business owner. For example, if there is a situation where a business owner does not have a excess of funds to cover the expenses of a repair before the insurance company covers the claim, there will undoubtedly be a delay in the repairs. Other delays can come on the part of the contractor or subcontractor doing the repairs. All of these circumstances affect the length of time that business income is not collected. We will negotiate with your insurance company to avoid any kind of additional loss and minimize any delays.

The details of each business are different and the calculations can get complex. At Nationland Adjusting we guide each client through the necessary steps to a successful recovery for their loss. Call us today 1-888-685-6776

Inventory Assessment

One of the most artful portions of presenting a claim is properly documenting the damages, estimating those damages and presenting the claimed items for payment. A proper itemization, proper photographing, documentation and proper valuation are the key to receiving a fair and accurate claim settlement. There are several types of evaluation equations that are reviewed by our experts.  A term that you'll likely hear on an ongoing basis is ACV or Actual Cash Value. This is a calculation that takes the replacement cost of an item and subtracts the depreciation, this is the ACV. Most homeowner policies cover full RCV or Replacement Cost Value under certain circumstances.


At Nationland Adjusting our team of qualified adjusters will work with you to guide you through various confusing equations to help organize invoices, receipts, accounting records, and even coordinating with experts in the field regarding specific specialty items. 

Relocation Services

Depending on the terms of your policy, temporary residence or temporary business space will be made available. We have a network of realtors to help you find a temporary location equivalent to your home or business until your space is restored and suitable for reoccupation.

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